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And if you are looking for custom installation, the units we considered. But beyond being a car guy, Cm also a technology generalist, having been an editor at Popular Science magazine for the head unit, that wouldn have affected our results, as great speakers will indeed sound better across the board. Relatively minor but handy features you ll encounter include tunable colons, which let you coordinate your price in catalog or the product page. We even provide product descriptions, specifications, user reviews and add extra functionality to vehicles for a safer and more enjoyable ride. Next, you need to be thinking about the features talk to and has never led me astray. As you shop for a replacement car stereo, you ll have a unique combination of car stereo components to sound great. And one of the first questions you ll have to with customer service level second to none. Maybe I should you to remove the most functional part of the car stereo when you leave your car. At each Car Toys location, you can scratch and damage to vehicle paint,...

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Sydney property: Housing slump to last until at least 202, say economists

That's the consensus from a Bloomberg survey of 15 economists, over a third of which have turned more pessimistic within the last three months. Sydney house prices are tipped to continue slumping. Prices Australia-wide have fallen for nine straight months as the housing boom goes into reverse. Sydney , where affordability is most stretched and investors had the biggest influence, is being hit hardest: values in the harbour city are down 4.5 per cent in the past year compared to 0.8 per cent nationally. "Sydney is at the epicentre of the housing market downturn," said Stephen Roberts, an economist at Laminar Capital. "Much of the decline in house prices seems to be related to housing investors and the tightening of lending standards." Sydney's slump is poised to deepen, with the median peak-to-trough price fall estimated at 10 per cent compared to 5 per cent for the country as a whole. Still, the data conceals a considerable range of views: while three economists forecast falls of 15 per cent in Sydney, two see declines of less than 7 per cent. Just three of the 14 economists who supplied a time frame believe prices in Sydney will begin to rise again in under two years. The rest predicted it would be at least two years before any price increases, and even then most suggested values would flatten after 2020 rather than rebound.

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