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The key thing here is that, we are located very close to the port and that makes it very easy for textile testing equipment us to import raw materials and export finished products without worrying much about freight costs. How are you going to compete with other yarn makers, particularly Indian yarn makers who have access to raw materials, economies of scale and close proximity to end-users? We have manufacturing units in India also and have a very good understanding of this business. Logistic costs end up playing a very significant role in terms of calculating Ebitda margins in our business. One clear advantage here is the lower energy cost as compared to locations such as India or Bangladesh. Other big advantage is the close proximity to the port, which means we will not have any road-logistic costs and that is very expensive in India. All these factors make us confident about improving and maintaining our margins in Oman. Many people are predicting that the setting up of a large yarn manufacturing facility could be the first brick in developing a big textile cluster attracting billions of dollars in investments. Could you please elaborate on this? There are talks about building a textile cluster in Oman as the GCC countries import a significant amount of textile products. Manufacturing base here is very small compared to the demand for these products.

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